I don’t even know you

-not even sure if I met you once

Last Night I had a Nightmare

-or was it a dream?

I guess it could be taken either way.

You’ve been missing since October 13, 2011

-I believe.

You are just 14

-what can be so bad that you not only think about running away, but you actually do it?

Where have you gone?

My “dream” showed me that you were found

-still alive

But you had Permanent Brain Damage.

Is it true?

I know you were involved with Mitchell

-yeah I was pissed off for awhile

But not so pissed off that I wanted you gone from everyone…never to be found!

Your family members seem to have lost hope

but my heart keeps telling me

-Have Faith, She may still be alive.

How can I do that?

Times are tough

I know that you didn’t have the best of a family

You could have chosen other things, such as:

Foster Care

Staying with a Friend

Family Counseling

Individual Counseling


Much Much More!


Why did you choose to run away and leave a note saying that “You don’t want to be found”?

I don’t even know you

Why am I so worried?

I used to wish I could “Just Run Away”

-Never Come back?

I’d be gone for a few hours

-but I came back!

Always came back!

I could never imagine actually Running Away…

On My own

Are you on Your own?

I just want to know that you are okay

I just wish I could do something

I wish I could find you


Help You!

Where Are You?

Are you Okay?


Does a Pervert have you?

Are you healthy?

Just appear to me, so I know?

I know I may sound weird

-worrying about you?

You don’t even know me

I don’t even know you!

My gut is telling me…Something’s not right?

Are you with Mitchell?

Whenever I’d wish I could run away, I’d think, I could stay with him…but you can’t and I couldn’t.

Him and I are no longer a part of each others lives.

I am worried Sick!

Please go back home, please show yourself

Please let everyone know that you are Okay.

Are You Okay?

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